Steps To Delete A Page In Google Docs

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Microsoft Word isn’t commonly used as features like google docs, and others have been introduced. Google docs bring in a document writer platform with plenty of tools and a new interface to make it attractive for its users.

Usually, you write a document, and as soon as you have completed its work now, its space irritates youtube. You don’t need it anymore. Moreover, a blank page and extra spaces also irritate a clot, and you must delete that to make your document look much attractive.

So here are a few steps which will let you know how to delete extra spaces in your documents.

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Using Delete Key

The easiest and most common method to delete extra spaces and blank pages in your document is to use a delete key, which instantly deletes whichever area or page you select.

  • If you wish to delete a page, place the cursor at the start of the page you want to deleteclick and drag to the area you want to remove, and press the delete key.
  • As soon as you drag, the site that would delete in a few seconds would be highlighted, which lets you check once you are sure you want to delete this highlighted part.
  • Now press the backspace key or delete key to remove this portion from your document.
  • This process will delete the unwanted page from your document.

Undo Page Break

It sometimes happens that you have enabled the page break feature that leaves blank pages. By disabling this feature, you can get rid of the empty page gap. This process requires a few steps, which are as follows;

First, check whether the gap occurred is due to the page break or not, and to prevent this, click the cursor at the as word and press enter if it jumps directly, skipping the blank space. Then indeed, this is due to the page break.

Select the area once where the page has been broken, and press the delete or backspace key.

Repeat the similar process wherever you see a blank page.

Adjust Line Spacing

The above steps were to reduce if you have a whole blank space, but suddenly, the gaps between the words increase, making your document look pathetic. 

  • Simple click on format from the above toolbar
  • Select line spacing
  • And then select custom, which is 1.3
  • As soon as you choose this, you would see your documents well organized.

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Changing The Margins

Another way to reduce extra gaps is to keep margins aligned from all sides, and to do this, follow the following steps;

  • Click on File and then select page setup.
  • Select margins and adjust from all four sides
  • Click OK to apply the changes you have made.

Your document must look attractive. It creates a great impression.

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