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How To Craft A Lectern In Mine craft

Lecterns are job blocks in Mine craft that are used to hold furniture or books. It is an easy block to craft. But this process is inclusive of some steps, which are;

  • Open your crafting menu, which has a 3×3 crafting grid.
  • To make a podium, place one bookshelf and four wooden slabs, irrespective of their type, as any wood can be used. It is essential to place the bookshelf and the slabs in a similar pattern.
  • In the first row, there must be three wooden slabs. There must be one bookshelf in the middle box in the second row, and in the third row, there should be one book slab in the middle box.

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  • As soon as the crafting grid is filled, now the lectern will appear in the right box.
  • As the podium is made, move it to the inventory as it is a new item and must be included there.

Following these steps will let you make your lectern in Mine craft.

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